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Conversations with Women | Boitshepo Gopane's From One Working Mom To Another

Updated: Jan 19

What is the most challenging thing about being a working Mom?

The balance of responsibility of being a mother and working.

What’s the most important thing you teach your daughter?

Independence and confidence to believe in herself to be anything she aspires to be and most importantly to have an education, to learn as she develops.

What are your aspirations for your daughter/children when they are young women/working women?

For her to be fearless to have that confidence and to be independent not to be governed or ruled by societal norms that a woman has to have kids, be married but to chase her aspiration and dreams.

What would help you achieve your dream?

Mentorship and physical support, getting access to places. Someone who could take me into places where my business could develop or I could learn, to show me the opportunities and introduce me to people.

What one thing would you change about being a working Mom?

Being given a choice and flexibility with my work schedule, for example, if my baby girl is going for sports competition to be given time to accompany her irrespective of the day and time, understanding from employers for working Mothers.

What pearls of wisdom can you give other Moms?

Fail and fail more but learn from your experiences always believe in yourself that you are the best mom, never be bullied by the society to dictate how you should raise your kids.

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