• Elaine Seale Mckend

Embracing Multitasking in 2022

Today, I'm defending what I do best... Multitasking

Something I've always been good at twirling hoops on my feet whilst juggling countless other tasks of a vastly different nature. We are told of the numerous reasons multitasking is bad and ineffective reducing the quality of work and causing stress in the process.

Well, today I read some interesting research that demonstrates the value through the creation of additional energy that dissipates slowly so it spills over into subsequent activities. It enhances cognitive flexibility which happens to be a key condition of creativity.

All those years I worked in the creative industry working to tight immovable deadlines with hundreds of different ads visuals and copy stretched my ability to cover many equally demanding activities at the same time.

So for those of us who have hidden our multitasking abilities under a stone can now proudly embrace this talent with the knowledge that a focus on deep work is also required at times. Hooray to that!


(Source. More tasks More ideas the positive spillover effects of multitasking on subsequent creativity Chaitali Kapadia and Shimul Melwani journal.of applied psychology 2021)

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