• Elaine Seale Mckend

How Can Coaches Effectively Use Agile To Improve Within Organisations?

There's a common interest from many of my coachees in commercial businesses as to how they can effectively use Agile to improve just that within their organisations.

My eyes landed on an article written by Amy Edmondson professor of leadership and management at Harvard Business School entitled Agility Hacks.

It resonates in the way these short-term solutions (agility hacks) can tackle immediate challenges.

Take Sony whose risk-averse bureaucracy had led to decline in innovation when new CEO Kaz Hirai took over. He quickly assembled a team that could access resources and technology reporting directly to him bypassing the blocks they had previously faced.

These agility hacks offer short-term solutions that can pave the way for longer-term systemic changes that can respond more quickly to opportunities yet don't derail the stability of the company.

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