• Elaine Seale Mckend

Why Flexibility Is Key To Retaining Habits

As a personal trainer and business coach I'm often asked how I you stick to a fitness or training programme.

I've been considering this with the start of 2022 when often new resolutions are formed and quickly fall by the wayside. I'm lucky as I love the feeling exercise gives me post workout and I can hold that in my mind supporting me when things get tough. I'm a big believer in setting up a schedule and sticking to it not in terms of rigid times but prioritising it over other tasks.

Deciding to stop work in order to work out isn't easy there is never enough time in the day to complete all my work but I know the benefits not just on my body but my mind. Clarity of thought better focus and energy after taking exercise is a real benefit

Research from Google has shown that employees that committed to an exercise regime BUT had flexibility as to when they did this were more likely to sustain change. Where you are in a dynamic fast paces environment flexibility is key to retaining habits as failing to keep to an allotted appointment causes a knock on effect failure loop. Failure repeatedly causes demotivation and less incentive to sustain habits. ...

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